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Vinyl Or Aluminum 
Our "Top Of The Line Windows" Come In Wood Or Aluminum.
Laminated Glass Colors Plus Clear.
Roll-up Mosquito Screen : 
Practical and elegant; it hides when not operative, allowing the beauty of your window to be appreciated  

Grids : 
Decorative window dividers installed on the interior or exterior of the window. They are available in many colors. 

 Mahogany Wood Interior :
This particular upgrade adds warmth and luxury to a home. Not only do you get the durability of an aluminum interior and exterior, but also the beauty of wood inside your home. 

Movable Astragal : 
Our double windows and doors have no mullion in sight, which would allow for an unrestricted view. 

 Pasini Handles : 
We offer a variety of models in brass or stainless steel imported from Italy.  

 Hinges :
Our window and door hinges are made from stainless steel and extruded aluminum, which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion, even in the most demanding seacoast environment. They are designed to be easily adjustable. If the foundation settles, the window moves. The hinges are attached to a sliding clutch that is inserted into a rail. A change in the window height requires just a simple adjustment to the clutch. In addition, the hinge is lubricated with nylon bushings. This allows the heaviest sash, with 7/16" plate glass, to be moved with a single finger.  

 Glazing :
We use 7/16" impact-resistant glass with a Saflex â plastic interlayer or an Uvekol â liquid resin on all our products. Our glass is thicker than the glass normally used in the industry. It is available in different tints and shades.  

We offer three standard colors of aluminum: Antique white, hunter green 
or hammered copper. 

Antique White     Hunter Green     Hammered Copper      Wood Grain Color  

We also offer a special wood grain color. 

Its high-quality coating is a polyester fiber resin not a veneer or paint. 
During the curing process, ink penetrates the pores in the film. The result 
is a surface with the variation in color that fully resembles real wood. This process is called sublimination, where heat converts the ink into gas and it penetrates the open pores of the polyester film. It is a process perfected by some of the finest window frame producers in Italy. 

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