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Preparing for a hurricane without laminated glass.
Chrissy Shumaker tapes store windows in Four 
Corner Plaza in Onley, VA., Sept. 15, 2003, 
in preparation for Hurricane Isabel. Government 
officials recommend many ways to prepare for a 
hurricane, including securing shutters over windows, hurricane windows, gathering emergency supplies, and planning an evacuation route. (Scott Neville, AP)

Hurricane Name Game
This 2004 satellite image shows Tropical Storm 
Bonnie, left, over the Gulf of Mexico, and 
Hurricane Charley, right, over the Caribbean 
Sea. Atlantic tropical storms have been named 
since 1953; the World Meteorological 
Organization now maintains the six lists, 
which are used in rotation. If a storm is 
too deadly, its name can be deemed offensive 
and retired. (NASA / AP)

Galveston Hurricane: The Worst U.S. Natural Disaster
A deadly hurricane caught the 38,000 residents 
of Galveston, Texas by surprise on Sept. 8, 1900. 
One-third of the city was destroyed by a storm 
surge combined with winds estimated at 120 miles 
per hour. The hurricane claimed 8,000 lives and 
almost wiped the prosperous port city off the 
map. (Reuters / Corbis

Busy Hurricane Season Predicted
Experts expect another active Atlantic hurricane 
season this year, with seven to nine hurricanes 
forming. Three to five of those are forecasted 
to become major hurricanes -- storms with winds 
over 111 miles per hour. (NASA / AFP / Getty Images)

2004 Set Records for Damage
Reuben Lewis, 49, sifts through the remains of 
his house in the Old East Hill District of 
Pensacola, Fla., Sept. 16, 2004 after Hurricane 
Ivan destroyed it. Last year, hurricanes caused 
a record $45 billion worth of damage in the 
United States. (Hilda M. Perez, Orlando Sentinel / KRT

Stalled by the Sand
Hurricane Ivan buried this SUV in the sand in 
Pensacola Beach, Fla. Ivan killed 52 people and 
caused an estimated $12 billion in damage. 
Hurricane Andrew (1992) holds the record for 
the worst modern hurricane, in terms of damage: It killed 65 people and caused over $26 billion in damage. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

Hurricane Winds
Robbie Koch, 14, right, and his sister, Kayla Koch, 
16, fight the high winds of Hurricane Claudette in 
Port Lavaca, Texas, July 15, 2003. Hurricane winds 
can uproot trees and tear roofs off houses. The 
highest estimated wind speed for an Atlantic 
hurricane was 190 miles per hour for both Camille (1969) and Allen (1980). (LM Otero, AP)

Keeping an Eye on the Storms
National Hurricane Center (NHC) director Max 
Mayfield points out the forecasted direction of 
Hurricane Isidore at the NHC in Miami in 2002. 
The NHC continuously monitors tropical cyclones -- 
and issues forecasts, watches and warnings -- 
from May 15 in the eastern Pacific, and June 1 
in the Atlantic, through Nov. 30. (AP)

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